Meet the Eagle Star Housing Team

Zach Fuller

Executive Director

[email protected] (585) 750-6351

Erin Corcoran

Vice President of Clinical Operations

[email protected]
(585) 360-7931

Melissa Brien

Vice President of Quality Assurance

[email protected]
(585) 943-3393

Kathy Tatelbaum

Vice President of Marketing & Social Media

[email protected]

Bill Cecere

Spencerport House Manager

[email protected] 
(585) 474-7534

Jessica Belle

Safe Haven Manager

[email protected]
(585) 978-8123

Kristen Danosos

Pembroke House Manager 

[email protected]
(585) 993-6075

Michelle Laraby

Administrator, Liberty Square Apartments Batavia

[email protected]
(585) 667-1284

Elizabeth Doll

Administrator, 270 on East

[email protected]