About Us

Eagle Star Housing currently provides transitional housing for two to three months for 31 Veterans at its homes in Pembroke, and Spencerport, NY and operates a 20 bed house for the Safe Haven Veterans program in Farmington, NY. Additionally, Eagle Star Housing has two supportive apartment programs located in Batavia and Rochester, NY. 

During the resident’s stay at Eagle Star, they are provided a bedroom which includes a bed, a dresser, a night stand, a lamp and a closet that locks for their personal items. ESH provides a freshly cooked meal for dinner every night for the residents to eat together in the dining room and provides the items necessary for the residents to prepare their own breakfast and lunch meals.

ESH also has a medication oversight program, where any type of medication whether prescription or over the counter, is stored in a locked medicine cabinet for the Veterans. Veterans are provided with their medication when they request it, and ESH staff maintain a medication log in their files for the VA to review.

We offer training for our residents in life skills, such as money management, relapse prevention, hygiene and job search strategies. Eagle Star has vans to transport veterans to their medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment, as needed.

Our primary objective is to enable our residents to transition to self-sufficiency in stable housing within three months. We are proud of our 83 percent successful completion rate. The staff helps 87 percent of those who complete the program to find long-term stable housing. The others need supportive housing, long-term residential care, or nursing home care.