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About Eagle Star Housing

Eagle Star Housing (ESH) provides transitional housing for homeless Veterans for a period up to 60 to 90 days. During the resident’s stay at Eagle Star, they are provided a bedroom which includes a bed, a dresser, a night stand, a lamp and a closet that locks for their personal items. ESH provides a freshly cooked meal for dinner every night for the resident’s to eat together in the dining room, and also provides the items necessary for the resident’s to prepare their own breakfast and lunch meals. ESH is also responsible for providing transportation for the Veterans to and from the local VA office and any other appointment as documented in their VA case file. ESH also has medication oversight program, where any type of medication whether prescription or over the counter, is stored in a locked medicine cabinet for the Veterans and each Veteran is provided with their medication when they request it, and ESH Staff provides medication log in their files for the VA to review.  Lastly, ESH provides life skills training for the residents. Since ESH is an unlicensed facility by the State, we are not allowed to provide any type of counseling session. Life skills training includes but not limited to: budgeting, personal finance management, grocery shopping, hygiene upkeep, apartment hunting, and job searches.


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